The cool jewel of Southern Arizona. Rising up 7,000 feet from the desert below, we spend our Summer days basking among the pines and wild flowers of the alpine forests and our Winters playing in the snow and hiking among the canyons and native cactus of the Sonoran desert.

Along your journey you’ll pass by magnificent vistas of the city and desert lands, view the unique wildlife including migratory birds and animals specific to the Southwest and Central America, as well as 4 different life zones spanning from the deserts of Sonora to the Mountains of  Southern Canada. Experience sky island life for yourself!

Univ. of Arizona Science Tour

Produced by the University of Arizona College of Science, the Tour engages users with the surprising natural science of Southern Arizona, from the enchanting Sonoran Desert to the “Sky Island” mountains on every horizon.

With music by the band Calexico, the Tour is narrated by Calexico front-man Joey Burns.

Along with the audio tour, the app also includes informative slide-shows and videos that visualize the science. Through science stories, the Mt. Lemmon Science Tour brings the wonders of this region alive.

Featuring Information On

Sky Islands


Life Zones



and Fires


Picnicking and BBQing is a great way to spend a leisurely day among the beauty of the forest. Picnics sites are scattered along the highway and are open year around. The Mount Lemmon General Store is located in Summerhaven and can provide you with any necessities you may have forgotten. Another option is to pick up a delicious meal at one of the local eateries and enjoy it at your favorite spot!

Camping on Mt Lemmon

Mount Lemmon currently has 5 developed fee based campgrounds and 6 undeveloped designated camping areas. Each campground on Mount Lemmon is different, ranging from the cactus and tall grass of the high desert to the aspen’s and ponderosa’s of the alpine forest to the lake at Rose Canyon.


Learn About Mt Lemmon

Where did Mt Lemmon get it’s name from?