Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter is an exceptional science learning facility located at Steward Observatory's "sky island" observing site. The SkyCenter builds upon the uniqueness of the 9,157 foot summit of Mt. Lemmon and the extensive knowledge base at the University of Arizona to deliver educational programs.


SkyNights StarGazing Program:  is open to the public most nights of the year using the Schulman Telescope, the Southwest’s largest dedicated public telescope! This program is a unique awe-inspiring opportunity that lets you peer beyond the blue horizons of our southwestern skies and explore the astronomical wonders of the Universe.  This five hour program guides you through navigating the night sky with binoculars and sky charts, to viewing spectacular planets, galaxies, and nebulae with our Schulman 32-inch telescope. This telescope is the largest dedicated public observing telescope in Arizona and offers a captivating access to the Universe.  Comfortable and easy to understand.  Fun for all ages…a MUST-SEE experience!

Remote Observing:  exploring the Universe from the comfort of your own home is every astronomers dream and now a reality at the SkyCenter!

Astronomer Nights:   provides nearly exclusive, access to our Schulman 32-inch telescope where-by guests are treated like a professional astronomer.

UA Sky School:  provides year-round residential science programs (1-5 days) to Arizona 4th -12th grade students at a 25-acre campus on Mt. Lemmon and in the Coronado National Forest.  Based at the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter, programs focus on core University of Arizona science areas such as sky island ecology, geology, tree ring science, and astronomy, and meet state and national science standards.

The SkyCenter is located above Ski Valley at the top of Mount Lemmon.  Before entering the small village of Summerhaven around milepost 25, take the right hand turn on Ski Valley road. Once you have reached the parking lot proceed through the open gat to the second locked gate and park in the designated area to the left.

General Information and Reservations

Steward Observatory Annex

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